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Bias Cut
A design technique of laying the pattern at a 45 degree angle on the fabric, this technique creates stretch even if there is no Lycra in the fabric. When on the body, the fabric hugs the body for a fitted look yet stretches with every move.

A novelty yarn with a spaced, knotted effect that creates a looped texture on the surface.

Button Down Collar
A collar that is secured to the shirt by small buttons on both points. Also available in hidden button down, where the button is underneath the points of the collar.

Camp Shirt
A casual button-down shirt with a notched collar, boxy cut, straight hem and short sleeves.

Extremely high-quality, fine wool made from the soft undercoat of the Cashmere goat. Cashmere is soft, light weight, durable, very warm with a luxurious hand.

A fine lightweight fabric of woven colored yarn blended with an undyed yarn in a plain weave.

A durable cotton twill that is woven in several weights and can be finished with a smooth, mercerized or a soft brushed surface.

Dobby Weave
A weaving process of yarns that creates small geometric shapes with texture.

A silk fabric with thick and coarse fibers creating a slubbed texture.

The art or process of forming decorative designs with colorful threads by hand or machine needlework.

Engineered Print
A print or embroidery that is designed and placed into a specific area of the garment.

Flat Front
A trouser design without front pleats.

French Rib
A double knit fabric with a flat jersey appearance on one side and a brushed rib on the face.

A closely woven silk or rayon fabric with narrow horizontal rounded ribs, used as a trimming accent for many of our garments.

A yarn consisting of different colored fibers, blended together to give a soft, muted look.

A diagonal rib stitched back and forth creating rows of parallel lines that slope in opposite directions. The pattern is a distinctive V pattern, resembling the skeletal structure of a herring.

A fabric constructed with two sets of needles, so the face and backside of the fabric look identical.

A system of weaving that allows a pattern or texture to be woven into the fabric as opposed to being printed on the fabric.

A process of constructing a fabric or garment with hand or machine-made interlocking looped stitches.

Leisure Tech
A synthetic blend of fabric that wicks moisture away from the skin, resulting in a quick drying and breathable feel.

A woven fabric made from a flax plant, creating a lightweight and breathable feel.

A plain-weave lightweight cotton fabric, most commonly known for its vegetable dyed colorful plaid patterns that may fade or bleed overtime to create a muted effect.

An extremely fine synthetic fiber, that it is breathable, durable and warm.

A fabric dyed in a gradation of a single color, from light to dark.

Pigment Dyed
Fabric that is dyed after manufacturing using pigments. The fabric can be slightly uneven, giving a worn appeal, while the colors will gently fade with washing. This process enhances the depth of textures and jacquards and should not be dry cleaned.

Pima Cotton
Cotton fibers, when woven, produce an exceptionally strong fabric.

A durable woven or knit fabric that is characterized by a consistent textured pattern.

A tightly woven high-quality fabric in a plain, flat weave.

Print Matching
A construction technique where the fabric print matches at the seams, pockets and at the center front of a button down shirt, giving the appearance of a continuous piece of fabric.

A lightweight fabric with a double thread running through it in a grid to stop small tears from spreading without adding bulk to the fabric.

Slubbed texture of silk fabric using dupioni yarns.

A naturally strong and lustrous fiber produced by silkworms that can be woven or knitted into a variety of high-quality fabrics.

A Dupont nylon fabric that is durable, lightweight, quick-drying and breathable.

Tencel is a natural fabric made from fiber found in wood pulp, offering a soft, wrinkle resistant, quick-drying and durable garment.

Coloring the yarn before it is woven or knitted.