3 Things We Love About Waikiki Beach

3 Things We Love About Waikiki Beach

There’s something about the beach that brings us back again and again. Maybe it’s the salty sea breeze or the feel of cool water on sun-kissed skin. Or maybe, it’s that the only thing that matters when we’re by the sea is being in the moment and enjoying the sun, sand and surf.

One of our favorite beaches is vibrant Waikiki, part of the Hawaiian Islands—the most remote set of islands in the world—and a top destination for travelers. Here, the sand is soft, the laughter loud and the living easy.

Waikiki Beach


We love that there is something to do for everyone at Waikiki. Whether you’re eager to surf in the calm waters, or simply want to set up your beach chair for an afternoon of lounging, it’s the perfect place to escape your everyday.


You can’t miss the sunset from Waikiki Beach. As the sun descends slowly on the horizon, the waters are turned into a sparkling blue and the skies transformed into a myriad of hues. It’s a magical moment that will take your breath away.

Prefer to catch the sunset with a drink in hand? Come visit us at our Waikiki restaurant and bar. It’s a three-story oasis with an open-air rooftop, complete with sand, live music and a stunning view of Honolulu.

Waikiki Beach


Part of paradise living is dressing for it. Nothing puts us in a relaxed state of mind faster than throwing on a lightweight and breezy shirt, or a lovely but relaxed dress. Don’t forget your swimsuit, too! We especially love these reversible swim styles, which are easy to mix, match and flip.

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