Rum-Soaked Watermelon

Rum-Soaked Watermelon


  • 1 medium seedless watermelon, cut in 1-in / 25-mm cubes
  • 8 oz / 230 g feta cheese, cut in 1-in / 25-mm squares each 1/4-in / 6-mm thick
  • 6 fl oz / 180 ml Ron Zacapa Centenario Rum ®
  • 2 bunches fresh mint, sliced chiffonade


  1. Place watermelon on baking sheet and pour rum slowly over top. Refrigerate for 90 minutes.
  2. Set feta on top of watermelon.
  3. Transfer to serving dish and sprinkle mint on top

Makes: about 60 cubes.

For best results...

Allow the watermelon to drain before use, and soak up any excess rum or liquid from the feta cheese.