Lobster Roll Blt

Yields 1 Sandwich


3 1/2 oz. lobster claw and knuckle pieces, roughly chopped
1 split-top brioche bun, approx. 7" long
1 1/2 oz. spicy mayonnaise
1 strip Nueske's bacon
4 slices tomatoes, 1/8" thick, cut in half moons
1/2 oz. Bibb lettuce, finely julienned
3 slices avocado, 1/8" thick


  • In a mixing bowl, toss spicy mayonnaise and lobster together to bind lobster meat.
  • In a dry frying pan over medium heat, crisp both sides of the brioche bun.
  • Layer Bibb lettuce on bottom and top with slice of bacon. Spoon lobster mix over bacon, then layer with tomatoes and avocado.