The Marlin Bar at Coconut Point

Coconut Point - Marlin Bar


We were founded in Florida and it’s no secret that our love for the place runs deep. So we’re always looking for ways to help our guests relax when they visit us there. Our newest destination is the Marlin Bar at Coconut point: an homage to the easygoing lifestyle southwestern Florida is known for.

Located in beautiful Estero, near the home of one of our founders, Bob Emfield, the Marlin Bar is a relaxed refuge. We had a vision to expand beyond retail and create a gathering place. So we designed an airy, spacious patio and walk-up bar where you can grab a mojito and enjoy casual, delicious fare like tacos and bowls. It’s eco-friendly, too; the tableware’s crafted from recycled bamboo and we’ve got premium wine on tap. End your meal on a sweet note with a Key Lime Pie Pop. Trust us.

Whether you unwind at the bar or catch the breeze on the patio, it’s the ideal spot to kick back after some retail therapy. Come down and see us. We’ll save you a seat.

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The Marlin Bar at Coconut Point