IslandSculpt™: Your Beach Best



The search for shaping swimwear that covers all bases - beautiful, comfortable, contouring, and sexy - leaves a lot of women coming up short. When our Women's Swim designers set out to create IslandSculpt™, they knew it had to be all of those things, and it had to have Tommy Bahama's extraordinary level of quality. It was a huge challenge, and one they were up for.

IslandSculpt™ Tops & Tankinis

The tummy control in our swimsuits has long offered a moderate amount of control, but we wanted to increase contouring power while simultaneously shaping (and not hiding) assets. Suzanne Bryant, SVP of Women's Swim Design, explains that over the last several years, perception of shapewear has changed. It's no longer about constricting, "it's about enhancing so that you feel confident." While these suits are both flattering and camouflaging, they're revolutionary in their comfort, too. They're lighter weight and quicker drying than others we've seen. And they give you shape in your curvy areas, instead of flattening them. "IslandSculpt™ is the ultimate in fit," says Suzanne.

IslandSculpt™ Bottoms

Amazing design is important to us, so we purposely made these suits fresh and sexy. Our gorgeous prints are carefully placed for a visually slimming look. Construction flatters in every way, with side panels, shirring, elongated waistlines, underwire construction, supportive cup shape, and our specially designed lining. They're truly ageless, and created for anyone who's interested in a little more support.

IslandSculpt™ One-Piece Suits

The IslandSculpt™ line will continue to expand in the future, but you can shop the collection now. Because there's nothing like feeling your absolute beach best.

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