The Art and History of our Camp Shirts

The Art and History of our Camp Shirts


For over 20 years, we’ve prided ourselves on the artistry and relaxed appeal of our camp shirts. But what goes into making these wardrobing masterpieces? Here's a little insight into how the island magic happens.

First, our designers collect inspiration from a variety of sources, from vintage fashion to Hawaiian iconography; from Rat-Pack-era movies and music to Mediterranean textiles. Working with pencil and paper, they develop the "big ideas." Layered floral designs? Check. Detailed island scene? Intricate embroidery? Done and done. From the color of the stitching to the exact size and shape of our buttons, our designers tell stories and create worlds through every immaculate detail.

Camp Shirts

Then, like pairing an aged Gruyère with a vintage merlot, they expertly select exactly which fabrics and textures will bring their chosen concepts to life. Refined drawings and fabric samples provide them with visual and tactile context.

Camp Shirt

The result? Hibiscus prints overlapping palm-jacquard textures with the harmony of a jazz quartet. The light playfulness of a geo pattern underscores the natural breathability of luxurious linen. Paddleboards glide and tropical birds soar across canvasses of luxe fabrics.

As you can tell, it requires a lot of work, artistry and attention to detail to create a garment that's designed for (and inspired by) a life of leisure.