Our "Art of Surfing" Prize Winner!

The "Art of Surfing" Winner


Meet Lana. She’s pictured above, left, with her sister, Nicole. In June, we held the “Art of Surfing” Sweepstakes, and she won our Grand Prize: a weekend in Laguna Beach, two stand-up paddleboards, dinner at our restaurant, a Tommy Bahama Gift Card, a membership in the Surfrider Foundation, and this remarkable, hand-painted surfboard by Wade Koniakowsky! We knew Lana was a California girl, and we wanted to learn a little more about her.  

How do you feel about Wade’s board? How great does your living room look now that it’s hanging over your couch? 
Love seeing the surfboard each morning.  I can get lost in thought just looking at it. It's breathtakingly more beautiful in person.

Do you like “surf” music? What music gets you going?
I like all kinds of music. In the car it’s mostly sing-a-long country music and I love anything by Jason Mraz.

Artist Wade Koniakowsky at work

What are your favorite ways to relax around your hometown?
Taking my dog for a walk.

If you could take a trip anywhere in the world to relax, where would you go?
Anywhere that has a high forest, hiking trails, and lots of lakes.  I must have coffee in hand at any location…always, always.

What’s the best thing about the West Coast?
The year-round beach weather.

What are three words that describe you?
Loyal. Foodie. Different.

If you had a year to spend doing anything at all, what would you do, and where would you go?
Road trip across the country with the family, catching up on the latest bestsellers, picnicking, and gardening.

Are you an artist, too? Has your new surfboard inspired you to take up painting?
I like crafting and cooking. Does painting by number count?

What’s your favorite thing about Tommy Bahama?
Love the relaxed vibe it portrays – great escapism and the Tommy Bahama blood orange margarita.