Surfrider Foundation

Sufrider Foundation


In 1984, a small group of surfers banded together to stop the destruction of the iconic First Point surf break in Malibu, California. That initial success led them to form the advocacy group that eventually became the Surfrider Foundation.

Over the last 30 years, the Foundation has grown into a global organization dedicated to protecting and preserving oceans, waves and beaches. Their efforts are now making an impact on US coasts, islands and the Great Lakes, as well as internationally. The Foundation’s 50,000-plus members make up 80 chapters in 18 countries.


Surfrider is currently involved in 100 campaigns, including:

  • Reducing bacterial water contamination at Cannon Beach, Oregon
  • Banning plastic bags in Rincon, Puerto Rico
  • Stopping the advancement of a beach-restrictive residential development in Asbury Park, New Jersey
  • Creating a network of marine protected areas to ensure thriving habitats and biodiversity along the California coast

Since 2006, the foundation has laid claim to 267 environmental victories, from solving sewage problems to eliminating cigarette-butt pollution from beaches to decriminalizing surfing in Chicago. Visit to learn more about contributing to their mission.