The Perfect Bar Cart

Perfect Bar Cart

You’re hosting a holiday soiree at your place and have everything prepared, from food and music to gifts and games. Everything—except the best way to serve up a drink at a moment’s notice.

Enter the bar cart, the ideal platform for you to show off your mixology skills while entertaining. Melding form and function, a decorated, well-stocked cart can instantly elevate your party—and transport your guests to paradise. Here are all the essentials you need for a bar cart worth celebrating.

Bar Cart Items

Veranda Bar Cart
This timeless, rolling bar cart will take you straight to bliss. Its handles are wrapped in rattan, and the upper and lower shelves are made of protectively coated cocoa shell veneer. Metal ferrules and casters are finished in antique brass.

For some experts, versatility is key when it comes to stocking your drinks cart. Include one of each liquor—gin, rum, tequila, whiskey, vodka and vermouth—if you want to cater to multiple tastes. Alternatively, to prevent clutter, select two or three cocktail specials and simply stock up on what you’ll need to make them. We’ve got several tried-and-tested cocktail recipes here

Pineapple Bottle Opener
The smallest details on your bar cart can make or break the festive spirit. Add an Aloha accent with this gold-tone pineapple bottle opener.

Tiki Bar Shot Glass
This shining shot glass with gold-tone tiki artwork will have your guests saying “bottom's up,” island style.

Old Fashioned Glasses
No drinks cart, tray or trunk is complete without some old fashioned glasses. Unwind in luxury with these simple but elegant frosted glasses topped with a gold-tone rim. They come in a set of four.

A Small Bowl
Garnishing with a slice of lime or lemon is the final touch that can make a good cocktail great. Place a small dish or bowl on your cart or tray so these citrusy essentials are within easy reach for you and your guests.

Marlin Bar Mix
What’s a drink without some snacks? Serve up this addictive mix of macadamias, cashews and almonds coated in sweet-and-spicy cayenne, cinnamon, chili and ginger. Relax, then repeat.

Cocktail Napkins
Practical and good-looking, these elegant paper cocktail napkins featuring a gilded pineapple and triple stripes accent will add a touch of class to any bar cart or tray.

A Relaxing Scent
Sip on a cocktail while enjoying a fresh island scent once, and you’ll be begging to do it again. Try our popular Island Blend Luster Glass Candle, which will treat you and your guests to top notes of pineapple, mandarin and cilantro, or set the mood with this lovely, holiday-inspired Winter Frost Candle.

Create a softer and warmer bar cart aesthetic with some romantic blooms, or take everyone to the island with you with some tropical foliage.