Valentine's Day Story Contest 2014

Valentine's Day Story Contest 2014


Our love stories contest was a guest favorite in 2013, so we brought it back for 2014. The tales of romance and run-ins with Cupid hit us right in the feels. While we wanted to reward everyone that entered, it is a contest and we had to choose the winners. Here they are:



FlipFlops07 | Portland, Oregon | Flip-Flop Fanatic

After originally meeting my husband 23 years ago in Arizona, we continued on with our separate lives, with different spouses, living in two different states and raising two children each of our own.

Fifteen years later, we were able to find this incredible, deep love for one another, a love that was magical and effortless. The two of us had no idea that we would ever have such strong feelings for one another. We never wanted to be apart once it hit, and we became wrapped up so tight into each other’s arms that we vowed never to let go of each other’s hands.

We celebrated with a quiet wedding, just the two of us Tahitian-style, seven years ago on the island of Mo’orea. Our guests were tourists from all over the world, watching us barefoot in the sand, reading our teary vows to one another while the background was filled with the sound of ocean waves and beautiful conch shells blown by the locals.

We toasted with coconuts filled full of fruity punch and smiled with joy, waving to our guests as we walked through a petal path back to our overwater bungalow. The beautiful sound of Tahitian music led our way.

What a wonderful way to celebrate our love together and share it with complete strangers from around the world. That February day was one of the best days of my life!

We actually have two anniversaries that we celebrate now. One is Tahitian-style and the second is because we officially tied the knot on Valentine’s Day in Vegas at the drive-in chapel a few years ago. It is a wonderful month for us, celebrating all of the memories that February has brought. We wish to all the same luck with this type of love and to never let go of your true love’s hand.



Ladylikeg | Newport Beach, California | Underwater Explorer

Yes, we met on Facebook through a friend! BUT, I am from California, USA and he is from Exmouth, England. And he was in Honduras at the time. Phil was working as MSDT Dive Instructor on a tiny, tiny island in Honduras where I went diving with a friend four years ago. His friend ran the resort and said to him, “Why don't you talk to this guest who stayed here years ago? She's cute and American.” (The friend was busy with his American girlfriend at the time and couldn't be bothered. LOL!) So Phil figured, “Can't hurt?” And he sent me a message on Facebook introducing himself.

Meanwhile, I was preparing to move between cities and accept a huge promotion at work, so the last thing on my mind was to date or even start anything with anyone. BUT, this message was intriguing and caught my attention. So I added him as a friend and responded.

Seven months and 25,000 messages later, we met for the first time on April 1, 2013. Not until the seventh month did we Skype and talk on the phone. And, mind you, trying to Skype or talk from a deserted island in the middle of the ocean was near impossible: the internet connection was constantly testing the relationship’s patience and persistence.

But the minute I saw him there waiting for me at the airport pickup, we both knew. Since we both had already fallen in love, we just needed to see and feel everything in person to know that all we had thought and imagined each other would be like was, in fact, accurate and true. And it was, and even actually more!

Falling in love and being from different countries is not an easy combo. We are finally at our final stage of a nine-month process to receive the fiancé visa for him to come here legally. We are to be married the minute he lands after his final interview, which should be February 21, 2014.

We are running to the courthouse and then jumping on the ferry to spend the weekend in Catalina Island. We want to scuba dive together for the first time on the first morning of our new life together as a married couple. It is our common passion and we haven't even had a chance to dive together, since we have been separated and/or consumed by paperwork and legalities! It's time to start the rest of our new lives together! We cannot wait!



Johnnyc76 | Las Vegas, Nevada | Island Time Expert

Our first wedding wasn't a disaster. It wasn't ideal either. After months of planning and trying to avoid a rainy wedding just outside of Portland, Oregon, we ended up dealing with 100+-degree heat on our wedding day. The mishaps piled up but, when all was said and done, we were married and happy.

Well, we decided to take a vacation last December and renew our vows on the beach in beautiful Negril, Jamaica. With a couple of friends tagging along, we enjoyed what could have been the most beautiful ceremony ever imagined. We waited almost nine years to say "I do" again, but next time we'll do it sooner.