Mother's Day Story Contest 2014

Mother's Day Story Contest 2014


We asked for stories about why you think your mom is amazing and deserving of flowers and the responses were remarkable. We rewarded 17 "amazing moms" with a bouquet of flowers and sent something nice to the entrant, too. Here are our favorites:



MsTameeky | Woodbridge, Virginia | Hammock Supervisor

My mom Grace is the best because she is always the life of the party!! When my mom comes to visit me, it's always a good time. We talk, laugh, sing and dance. She is so energetic and fun and seems to get younger every time I see her. It is so great to have a mom who you can hang and party with. I would love to shower her with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. She is that special, fun mom!!



Rarmac1979 | Baltimore, Maryland | Paradise Enthusiast

Though I am sure most everyone has a story of how wonderful their mothers are, and that we all claim the top spot for our respective matriarchs, none of us are influenced in part by any bias, of course. Let me give a brief summation of why my mother, Helen, is as deserving as any for the top spot.

She was born in 1951, one of four siblings raised by  a woman whose husband had left her. My “mom-mom” was a sweet and caring woman but did not possess all of her mental faculties and had trouble with four small children. So, my mother was taken in by my great-aunt, the one I will always know only as my true “grand-mom.” Another saint, but that is an entirely different story.

So, taken from her brothers and sisters, my mom was raised as the only child to a poor, hard-working, small-town couple who couldn’t have children of their own. My mom would work every morning before school at the county office building of Carroll County, Maryland, shoveling snow or doing whatever task was appropriate at the time. This was her childhood. She learned the value of hard work and carried that on to Towson University. At the time, Towson was a teaching college. The shortage of educators led to reimbursed tuition for those who would become teachers.

In 1973, she graduated and became a first-grade teacher in the town she was born and raised in. My older brother was born in 1975, myself in 1979 and my younger brother in 1981. She stopped teaching for a few years in order to stay home and raise us kids. In the late 1980s, after roughly seven years of cooking, cleaning, stopping fights, driving to baseball practice and millions of other related tasks, she returned to teaching.

There was never anything my mom wouldn’t do for my brothers and me. Looking back, I feel terrible for so many of the youthful mistakes we made getting through those teen years and beyond. She always made sure we had everything we could need or want, in terms of opportunity and otherwise. Her sympathy toward other people is unmatched, I can assure you.

Once, a friend was at my home and saw a news clipping of a tragedy taped on the fridge. He asked, “What, did you know these people?” I replied, “No.” He couldn’t get over that she was so unbelievably thoughtful and caring that she would sympathize with complete strangers in such a way.

My parents are not wealthy people. However, thanks to my mom, there is not a charity they don’t give to or a group they don’t support. From the Boy Scout up the street selling candy bars to the American Legion and USO, she does what she can.

She has always worked hard around the house, mowing, trimming, pruning, raking and beyond. She rescued  two pygmy goats several years back and raised them, all while continuing to teach third grade. The piles of papers and tests she graded seemed to never get smaller, although she was working so hard, I can assure you.

She saw all three of her sons graduate high school and college.  I have two bachelor’s degrees in accounting and electronic media. My younger brother graduated from the University of Maryland School of Law and joined the Marine Corps a few years back.

My mom retired from teaching just this past year at age 62. She now has three grandsons and a granddaughter. She lost her mother a few years back and the arrival of those grandkids could not have been at a better time. In late March this year, she turned 63 years old.

How do I sum up my mom? Like this: my younger brother literally was just deployed to Afghanistan yesterday morning. My mom drove down to North Carolina from Baltimore following Easter service. She said, “I cannot have my son leaving U.S. soil and not give him a hug.”

That is my mom Helen. She literally would drive hundreds of miles just to give her kids a hug. Hopefully, I have given you some sort of understanding of who she is and why she is an amazing woman. Nothing I could write would ever approach just what type of woman she is. I don’t feel that bad about it, however. The combined minds of Shakespeare, Hemingway, Emerson, Twain and countless others could never scribe anything that would do justice to why, as mothers go, I am the LUCKIEST son on Earth.