National Relaxation Day is August 15

National Relaxation Day


Relaxation is a way of life that we take very seriously. And our favorite holiday – National Relaxation Day – is something everyone under the sun can get behind.

Observed annually on August 15th, NRD is a celebration of taking it easy. Sipping a delicious drink. Letting your thoughts drift away from stress and obligation. Setting aside some well-deserved time to just chill.

When our brand was founded, we declared that life should be one long weekend. With our legendary silk camp shirts, dreamy maxi dresses, comfortable swimwear and incredible beach gear, we epitomize the art of putting your feet up. So our ideal of an unhurried, coastal existence and a day dedicated to relaxing are pretty much a natural fit for one another.

While we definitely keep things light, we don’t take our celebrating lightly! In years past, we’ve marked the NRD occasion with special food and drink menus in our restaurants, exclusive events in our stores, giveaways of all kinds, complimentary massages and the creation of signature holiday cocktails, like the “Eight Fifteen” and the “Chillax.” 

So this year, when the fifteenth of August rolls around, let go, just for a day. Put on your favorite breezy ensemble, invite some friends over, turn on the tunes and get that blender and BBQ going. Or join us at one of our restaurants for some free piña colada soft serve or stop by one of our stores and find out how we're celebrating. Trust us: we’re professionals.